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Reviews, Testimonials, and Dog Tricks


Go Fetch Graduate, "Jeffy"

"Jeffy is a rescue doggie, we got about 5 month ego. We where told he is about
1 year old,  Jeffy was not house broken. He was pretty wild and it was impossible
to walk with him. We took him to the ASPCA puppy training program. Stacey was our trainer. It was useful but it was not nearly enough. We hired  Stacey for a 3 session training program. She is simply wonderful. Jeffy is a completely different dog. He is much calmer, he can sit, stay, wait. He comes when we call him which is most important because we take him to the park off leash.
Also, he has learned to leave and /or drop. Last but not least he give you his "left" paw when you ask. Stacy is a very organized and thorough person. She gives us full reports and feedback after each session, remind us of our appointments and sends us information on issues of concern from time to time. Even now if I have some health problems, I  can ask Stacey, because she has great knowledge and understanding of dogs.
Thank you again!"
-- Daisy

Go Fetch Graduate, "Sencha"

Sencha Go Fetch Dog Training

"I don't know what I would have done without Stacey! I had my hands fullafter adopting a high-energy puppy. Stacey was the perfect dog trainer forus. She gave me new strategies to use with my dog that he immediatelyresponded to. She is an exceptionally responsible, effective, knowledgeableand responsive trainer. I am very grateful to have found Stacey and GoFetch Dog Training. "

-- Leila Zwelling, Sencha's mom


From Christian & Melissa, and their dog "Raider" 

We began working with Stacey to help with our Italian Greyhound's separation anxiety. Before Stacey got involved, we couldn't leave our apartment without our dog chasing us down the stairs to beat us to the door.  Stacey meticulously guided us through the training process of getting him desensitized to our leaving and feeling comfortable being home alone.  Her dedicated, patient and inspired training led to successful results, which equated to my wife, our dog and me having a much more enjoyable quality of life.
                                                                                                                                       Christian and Melissa, Raider's parents

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