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Roo!'s Going to The SF SPCA Bark and Wine Ball

Win a training session with Go Fetch Dog Training in the silent auction.

WHAT: 18th Annual Bark & Whine Ball

 WHEN: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 6:30pm - 10pm

WHERE: Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion

Ask a Trainer: How Do I Teach My Dog "Down?"

Roo and I featured in 7X7 magazine 


·         Hold a treat to your dog's nose and guide him down to bend his elbows- in down dog. Reward.

·         Once he is comfortable bending his elbows for a treat, bring the treat slightly up to get your dog to rock back into a down position.  Reward.

·         Once you can get your dog into the position, add the word, "down". Say down, then lure him into the position. Reward.

·         Repeat.

·         Voila!


Ask a Trainer: Teach Your Dog to Sit in 60 Seconds

Featured in 7X7SF

Step 1: Practice using the verbal commands. 
Step 2: Say the command, lure the dog into position, and reward him or her.
Step 3: Lure the dog into several sits/downs before giving the treat.
Step 4: Show the dog your empty hand (to show no food lure). Say the command, use your hand signal if needed (hand should look the same as when you do have a treat) and reward when the dog does the sit or down without being shown the treat. 
Step 5: Reward sits and downs with little rewards every day.

Get more training tips and access to training classes at the SF SPCA here.


Ask a Trainer: How to Teach Your Dog Its Name in 60 Seconds

Featured in 7X7SF

Name recall is one of the most important building blocks in your dog's training routine.

Here's how to teach your dog his/her name. 

  1. Start in a distraction-free environment. Place a dog treat in each hand.
  2. Show the dog treat #1.
  3. Toss the dog treat #1 and while he's eating, repeat his name.
  4. As soon as the dog returns to you, reward with treat #2 closer to you.
  5. As your dog progresses, repeat these steps in more challenging environments.



Small Dogs Demonstrate Superior Skills at The Whole Enchihuahua  

 What fun we had yesterday demonstrating our Rally Skills and hanging out with some cool little dogs.

Christy and Sunshine ready to start the course